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Dove Property Cleaning Offers a Multitude of Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

Scheduled Cleaning

At Dove Property Cleaning we understand that cleaning isn't fun, it can be tiresome, and frankly it's often left at the end of the list, especially if you have a busy schedule! Our Dove specialists can help. We have a variety of scheduling options + services you can choose from to ensure you receive the level of care that works for you (and your budget)! Before any concrete terms are set we always do an onsite visit to come up with a custom plan for you. None of our plans are on contract so you can cancel any time or postpone a visit as long as we receive 24 hours notice.

Weekly Cleaning


You pick the day and we come clean. Most of our clients get a deep clean done initially and then we come up with a plan moving forward. We can hit the same high traffic areas each week, and then focus on a different part of the home that gets less messy each visit so everything always looks good. This is a great plan for someone who has kids, pets, a large home, or is always busy!

Bi-Weekly Cleaning


You pick a day and we make it happen. Most of our clients get a deep clean done and then we outline what areas you'd like us to focus on during future visits. We'll make sure to always hit high traffic areas, and then you can pick whatever else you'd like done. This is a great plan for someone who is a single parent, works from home, or travels for work often.

Monthly Cleaning

Mark us down on the calendar and we'll swing by - the dates can accommodate your schedule and can move around. We can either do a deep clean every time we come or hit high traffic areas and work on specific tasks outlined. This is a great plan for someone who does most cleaning themselves, lives alone, or has a smaller home.

Quarterly Cleaning

Do you generally do your own cleaning but would like a professional company to spruce the place up once in a while? This plan is for you! Our staff can hit all the areas that are harder to maintain and ensure everything sparkles before we leave.

One Time Cleaning

Whether you need some help with spring cleaning, are moving in or moving out, have an event, or are overwhelmed with life or work, we can come by and help out!

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