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Residential Cleaning | Moving Cleaning

Dove Property Cleaning Offers a Multitude of Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

Moving In + Moving Out Cleaning

Are you moving and need some help getting the place looking good? We are here to help! Whether we are cleaning up after contractors, teenagers, or kids - we've got you covered!

Moving Into New Home - Construction Cleanup


If you are moving into a new home and need construction clean up let us know. Our team is trained to remove stickers, tape, paint, caulking, mud, dirt, and whatever else the contractors left behind! We are also able to disinfect and descent your home to make sure you move into a clean, safe, and scent free home!

Moving Into Existing Home


Bought a home? Congrats! Let us come by and clean everything for you when you take possession to ensure that everything is up to standard before the moving truck comes. While the home may have looked good during staging - you never know how the former owners lived! We can clean and disinfect the entire place for you. 

Moving Out - Home For Sale

Are you thinking of putting your home on the market and need someone to make sure everything looks good for photos / the open house? We've got you covered! We can clean all the areas people are sure to look in so you can get the highest offer possible.

Moving Out 

If it's time to move out because you sold your home or your renting and you've found a new place - we can do all the cleaning for you after the moving truck comes. We can ensure you meet sale conditions, or that you get your security deposit back.

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