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Residential Cleaning | One Time Cleaning

Dove Property Cleaning Offers a Multitude of Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

One Time Cleaning

Do you need some help cleaning your home? We are here to help! With a one time cleaning service visit from our staff we can help you get everything in order with no contractual obligations. Whether you live in an apartment, house, or condo - we are here to help!​

Select Cleaning


You pick the areas you need done and let us know. We can exclusively focus on making them look pristine.

Deep Cleaning


We can provide a thorough and intensive clean of your home from top to bottom.

Interior Window Cleaning

Our tall step ladders are able to reach areas that are often hard to reach or get access to.

Scheduled Cleaning

Loved our services? Have us come back! Click here to check out our scheduled cleaning service.

Image by Robert Bye
Sink Full of Dishes
Cleaning Sink
Cleaning Windows
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