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Dove Property Cleaning Offers a Multitude of Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

Office Cleaning

Do you have an office or a workspace that needs cleaning? We offer both one time and scheduled cleaning services. Apart from cleaning, we also offer Covid-19 disinfection services for high traffic areas to ensure your staff remain healthy and feel safe.

What Do We Do During An Office Clean?


It all depends on what your office needs. We come up with a specific plan to make sure we meet every need you have. Some of the services we offer can be found below:

  • Vacuuming carpet & sweeping + mopping floors

  • Dusting & polishing

  • Trashcan cleanup, disinfection, disposal

  • Wiping down all work surfaces (desks, phones, keyboards, screens,  etc.)

  • Window cleaning (windows, doors, dividers, office walls)

  • Watering plants on a schedule 

  • Bathroom cleanup (floors, urinals, stalls, mirrors. sinks)

  • Stocking (bathrooms, tissue boxes, hand sanitization stations)

If you have any other areas that need attention please let us know. We are happy to add any additional services to ensure your employees have a clean, safe, and productive place to work in.

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